Wednesday, March 5, 2008


supposedly, as my brother states i jump into things too quickly. its like doing belly flops. It's like you run without thinking, without worrying about whether or not it will hurt and your friends are all standing at the edge of the pool egging you on. All you think about is how much fun it looks and then... when you're floating in the air, arms spread wide ready to welcome the water and eyes closed tight, you think "oh crap, what am I doing?" And then... as you feel the sting of the cold water you realize how bad it's gonna hurt. And it hurts. The pain cuts straight to your chest and the water presses hard to your heart like you've hit a block of cement...and you lose your breath for a second or two then sink down... down into the water while you're curled up in a ball then begin climbing to the top for air, gasping for some air.

That's me. I just jump without thinking. So here i am floating in mid air with my eyes closed tight and thinking... "oh crap... what am i doing?"

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