Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dark exercise

She couldn't believe life turned out this way for her. Everything had been planned out. She had so many dreams, so many aspirations in the beginning. She could conquer the world. If she couldn't conquer the world, at least she'd look good trying. That was her hope. That was the hope of her parents. And when it was time to go, when push came to shove, somehow she got pushed. She got pushed completely out of the picture.
It's like the lights had been turned off in her bedroom, and the door had been shut. She knew where everything was and where it all went but she couldn't see it to put it all back together. She could never get to the door. She got lost in the room and the longer it took her to find the knob, the more she forgot where everything went.
"You're made to do something great, " she heard them say.
She sat in the darkness, hands buried in her face.
"I can't get out," she cried.

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