Monday, April 27, 2009


The snow fell sporadically as Sarah Ring stepped out of her home onto Primrose Path. She made her way down the lightly powdered path heading north toward Davenport. As most winters came, the air was dry and bitter leaving all of Essex to their crackling fires and boiling kettles.
Sarah, for one, was apt to explore during these times- by no means using cold weather as an excuse for neglecting fresh air. No. Young Sarah felt fresh air was exactly what she needed during the tiresome winter months, especially when Andrew Payton occupied her family's estate. He was an arrogant boy of nineteen who felt it his duty to inform Sarah just how unladylike she was.
"Milk in your tea, Ms. Sarah," he had asked her this morning.
"Oh yes," she replied, "and two lumps of sugar as well."
"Have you no self-control?"
"On the contrary," Sarah said. "I have reduced my intake by thrice."
Looking back on that moment, Sarah recalled Mr. Payton smirking. She couldn't understand why he would smirk at the amount of sugar she took in her tea. Why on earth with that be humorous? Sarah did think herself a clever girl however, not so clever as to understand this particular smirk. Sarah shuffled her way to Ms. Annabelle Scott's cottage whilst contemplating this mystery.
"He is a rather odd boy, wouldn't you say?"
Annabelle bounced William on her knee. He gurgled softly, his large rolls jiggling with every bounce.
"I believe Mr. Payton to be a fine young man. You must tend to your manners, Sarah. Father would disapprove of your negative thoughts toward your guest."
Sarah grunted and turned her attention to William, who was now had developed hiccups. She pulled on his pudgy finger and allowed him to grab her hand.
"May I hold William?" Sarah asked holding her hands out for him.
"Please. I must get the stew started for supper. Just make sure you keep bouncing him." Annabelle placed the baby on Sarah's lap. He felt very heavy on her skinny legs and she had trouble balancing him. After adjusting him a few times, she finally resorted to bouncing him on both legs which faired to be far more extraneous than she would have cared for.

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