Thursday, May 19, 2011

From LiveJournal 4/2/09

My favorite part of the morning is walking into the empty store.  I knock on the glass and wait patiently until Mildred, the morning manager, comes to let me in through the front.  I always peer inside as I'm waiting and imagine that it's my home, that everything inside is mine.  I smile contently to myself and sip my tea while giving a little wave to Mildred.  She's not a morning person and rarely cracks a smile before 10am.  I , on the other hand, could not be happier when those large doors swing open and the light scent of...well, richness to be honest, makes it's way to my nostrils.  
I breathe it in deeply and give a small sigh.  I love this place.  
"Morning, Jude," says Mildred.  "You know the drill.  Get to it, please.  We have an appointment at 9:30."  
Mildred disappears into her office to start the morning's conference calls.  It gives me time to linger in the darkness with the sun beaming in through the street.  I graze my fingers across the displays as I slowly walk toward the back.  
Mildred has turned on the lights.  The room is bright with flourescence.  The crystal no longer sparkles naturally but shines brightly through the display cases.  
I clock in and stash my clutch in a locker.  Mildred has her office door cracked open.  She has put her call on speakerphone so she can take notes on the nationwide numbers of the day.

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