Thursday, March 6, 2008


I laid her gently on my chest, sure to keep her tiny toes from the sand. She wiggled slightly before resting steadily on top of me.
Lying on the sand, I scanned my surroundings. The bright lights irritated the blackened sky. With one hand on her back and one behind my head, I sunk into the soft, white sand.
Blinking a few times, I watched the sparkling stars. Their rays glistened on the dark sky's stage.
The moon sat low near the horizon giving off a pink hue. It's light faded across the glassy ocean. It reminded me of a dimly lit candle in a dark room.
My hands glided up and down the infant's back as her slow breaths assured sleep. I spoke to the stars, thanking them for their bold presence. I talked to the moon, requesting a spotlight for the waves.
Then, I whispered to her.
"See there, my darling. I've dimmed the moon for you. It's rays will rest tonight. I know how you love pink. See there? I've done that for you. And the stars, they dance on their black canvas. I know they don't move. They are shining brightly tonight. Thousands of them. Do you see them all? I've done that for you."
A star rode across the sky. "You see that, my love? That is a shooting star. I've made that for you. A moment of bliss among thousands that appear the same. Why is it so special? It's radiance exceeds all others in the darkness. It shines the brightest. It gives you joy. I see the smile creeping onto your lips. I feel your heart beat with excitement. It's a shooting star, my darling. I've done that for you."
The star disappeared from the sky, as if it never existed.
"But, that is now gone. That's the catch of this gift. You love it? Me too. It is sparse and beautifully designed. I did that for you. Don't wish on it, my love, though tempting. Keep your hopes and dreams with me. That shooting star is easy to love. It is brilliant, it is divine." My eyes filled with water. I released my grasp from her back to wipe away a rolling tear. I gently rested my hand back on her still body.
"Those shooting stars, my love, they are intangible." I leaned down and gently kissed her sleeping head.

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