Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Hook

A change was in order.
It all started when Judd claimed he could balance the thing on his nose.
The happenings which I am about to tell you have a solemn ending.
I'm not quite sure why he thought he was a wizard.
I can't quite place the exact moment the world came to an end. It just sort of happened.
Unlike many other tales that small children hear tucked tightly in their beds, this particular tale was quite true.
The way I see it, the guy actually deserved to die.
It was a particularly crisp day when Mr. Buttercup stepped out of his log.
No one knows quite how the story went. It has been so many years. No one except the trees, who are much too tired to tell it anyway.
When one speaks of fairies, justice is never served.
The clock had been 2:54a.m for 93 minutes, I counted.
I'm not really sure why I'm the one telling his story, it wasn't my life. All I did was sit by and watch his whole life come crashing down right before my eyes. Stupid bastard.
She died in my arms on Baker Alley. Blood oozed out of her head. I smelled my wet fingers. Nothing.

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